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What areas of New York City does Sparkle Clean Team Serve?
We serve in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx.

What are the available appointment hours?
The morning appointments can be scheduled as early as 7AM, the latest being 9AM. For the afternoon appointments, it all depends on the attention a home before gets. We cannot estimate the exact time of arrival for the afternoon appointments but will do best upon setting up the appointment. 

What is the difference between a basic cleaning and a deep cleaning?
The basic cleaning applies to a lighter cleaning with spaces which have been maintained before by regular housekeeping and the deep cleaning applies to a heavy cleaning which has not been maintained at all and has many layers of buildup. If you're not sure of the kind of cleaning you need, at the day of your appointment, the cleaning person will be able to tell you as soon as she/he sees the apartment. 

Do I provide the cleaning supplies?
It would be best if you had the supplies at the apartment. Otherwise, you can request to have them provided but there is an extra charge - please check the RATES page for details.

What should I do before the arrival of a cleaning person?
It is recommended that you get rid of the clutter from the floors - clothing, toys, etc. If we need to do all the picking up and putting away prior to the cleaning, you will most likely be billed for the extra time. 

Can I request the same cleaner for the next appointment?
Yes! If you want to request a cleaner, of course you can do that. Depending on their availability, we will try to get you set up with that person. If you want to set up appointments on a regular basis with the same person that has cleaned for you before, just ask us, and we will do it. 

Do I need to be home while the cleaning is going on?
No, you do not to be there when the cleaning is taking place. You can also feel free to leave a key with the doorman, super or a friend, you can mail a copy of your keys to our office, or leave your keys at a local store for us to pick up and return after the cleaning.

Is it okay if I have a pet/pets?
Yes, we are pet-friendly. Before setting up the appointment, please do let us know about any pets in the apartment.

What should I do if something is broken?
If something is broken or misplaced, call us immediately and we will resolve the issue right away. Our workers are trained to call the owner of the company right away. The best remedy will be determined - either replacement or repair at our cost.

How can I pay for my services?
We accept cash, checks and PayPal. Please be advised that there is a $30 charge attached to checks that are returned as a result of the payer's account not having sufficient funds.